Prompt: Kodak portra 400, 8k, soft light, volumetric lighting, highly detailed, fine art portrait photography, medieval setting, full body, ultra slim juvenile noble baroness, very young apperearence, beautiful face, very childish appearance, stunningly beautiful, beauty in perfection, lordly, darkblond hair, narrow cheeks, ultra slim, ultra fragile build, ultra slim body, very flat bust, emaciated and thin, she seems ultra fragile, flawless skin, charmful, very narrow face, very pale, bright eyes, noble and elegant narrow medieval lace silk dress with very low-cut decollete and trumpet sleeves, underneath a tight corset, ultra expansive and deep neckline, magnificent finely chased baroness crown richly set with gemstones and a veil, choker, brocade coat, body portrait, intimate, she stands in a noble pose in a castle setting, complex 3d render, 150 mm lens, octane render, ornamental, 8k, soft light, volumetric lighting, refined, soft lighting colors scheme, photo realistic,
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