Prompt: Digital art piece that brings a botanical-inspired vision to life. A half blank ethereal woman lying on her back. She appears to be in a state of absorption, her eyes closed, as if deeply connected with nature. Encircle her body with an array of tropical leaves and plants with an emphasis on greenery. These plant forms should be vivid and realistic, rendered as if they have been printed in mixed inks and watercolors mimicking nature prints or botanical illustrations. The leaves and plants must be a variety of sizes and shades of green, including some with yellowish tinges that suggest maturity or change. The background setting for this artwork should be a dark, lush jungle with hints of light coming from above. The composition should include a variety of plants, including broad leaves, feathery fronds, slender blades, and delicate vines that intertwine around the woman. The image should evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony between the human figure and the surrounding flora.
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